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Quick Start is a very simple yet powerful application launcher
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Quick Start is a very simple yet powerful application launcher that can let you access all your documents, media files, applications and web bookmarks in seconds. I have used many application launchers including some popular ones like launchy, Symbol Commander and MGlaunch and they work perfectly but the simplicity and power of Quick Start is unbelievable. I mean you don’t have to go through complicated configurations and settings to make it work. It is as simple as using the Windows search tool.
You can use the desired hotkeys to access Quick Start. A search tab will appear and ask you to enter some keyword, probably the file or program name you want to access. If there is more than one file or programs with the given name, you will see a list of names and you can choose one to launch. You can add desired folders to the Quick Start database using the simple browsing process.
One of the best features of this launcher is its bookmarks' support. It means you can access your Firefox or Internet Explorer bookmarks without opening your browser. Just type the name of the bookmark like Google or Yahoo or something else and you will be checking your mail in seconds. But make sure you reload the directories after an adding of new bookmarks in order to access them.

Quick Start is no doubt a very powerful application launcher and a must have tool for your PC.

jasminder singh
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  • A simple yet powerful application launcher
  • Access your files and web bookmarks easily
  • Its freeware


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